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Simon has a unique range of percussion and drum kit skills, fluent in North African, Latin and Middle Eastern rhythms in addition to most popular western styles.

He has adapted hand percussion techniques to drum kit giving him his own style and sound on both percussion and drum kit.

With top World Music artists such as Natacha Atlas, Yasmin Levy and Abdullah Chhadeh, he has toured the world and played major venues such as the Royal Albert Hall and the Sydney Opera House.

Other professional gigs include a long standing show business contract in the UK, running his own latin jazz band and over 20 years teaching percussion and music therapy workshops.



Combining both this wide range of influences and capacities in the recording studio, Simon has released  series of percussion and drum loops.

He also has a recording studio in Meknès, Morocco, Tarboush Studios and is available for recording drums and percussion tracks as well as in-house recording projects.





A few years ago Simon started writing his own material. Simon

His original material evokes the breadth of his musical knowledge, experience and influences and he is in the process of putting together his first album.

He also participates in various  in co-writing projects.