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Simon is a drummer, percussionist, singer songwriter and rhythm guitarist. As a backing musician he played on the London session scene and toured internationally on the world music scene with artists such as Natacha Atlas and Yasmin Levy


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For all enquiries please call: +33 (0)7 67 39 76 66


To watch Simon play his unique style of drums, percussion and his repertoire of singer-songwriter material go to his videos page.


Latest releases and projects


New single “Sometimes” with The Vagabond Three




New Haleshla EP “Why Not?” teaser



The Vagabond Three



Latest Drum and Percussion Loops


Listen to the “Funky Rai” drums and percussion track using Simon’s loops and fills:

Listen to the more chilled “Gnaoua Hip Hop” drums and percussion track using Simon’s loops and fills:


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Drums and percussion












Simon has a unique range of percussion and drum kit skills. He is fluent in North African, Latin and Middle Eastern rhythms in addition to most popular western styles.

He has adapted hand percussion techniques to drum kit giving him his own style and sound on both percussion and drum kit.

With top World Music artists such as Natacha Atlas, Yasmin Levy, Abdullah Chhadeh and Nara and Hassan Erraji he has toured the world and played major venues such as the Royal Albert Hall and the Sydney Opera House.

Other professional gigs include a long standing show business contract in the UK, running his own latin jazz band and over 25 years teaching percussion and music therapy workshops.

At the moment he is working on the new “Syriana” album “Syriana 1325” based in Morocco and due to be released shortly through Realworld records.

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Songwriting and songs



A few years ago Simon started writing his own material.

His original material evokes the breadth of his musical knowledge, experience and influences.


Chaka Chouka album “Sharka”


Chaka Chouka: “Sharka”












Simon’s latest writing project has been the music for the “Chaka Chouka” album “Sharka“. With Haji Mike, Bernard O’neill and Mouna Eddrou, it combines reggae, Moroccan music and funk. The album is now out and you can listen to it and purchase it here.

Tracks from the album are hitting the airways in Jamaica, BBC Radio 5 Live and the reggae section of La Grosse Radio in France.

Simon wrote the music and recorded the guitar, melodica, drums and percussion (as well as Mouna’s vocals) in his studio in Meknès, Morocco during the first lockdown in 2020.

The album is a true reflection of the time it was created. Because of the lockdown, it was recorded in three different studios in three different countries.  Dub poet Haji Mike’s socially engaged lyrics and Mouna’s spiritual, Sufi-inspired singing transport the listener to the hopes and fears of the time.

Chaka Chouka are delighted to be able to propose an Eccodek re-mix of their acoustic track “Sharka” by the Juno nominated musician and producer Andrew McPherson. This fantastic re-mix will be available for FREE when purchasing the whole Sharka album but you can listen to an extract here:


Simon will send you a copy of the re-mix as soon as you purchase the Chaka Chouka album. Be careful not to miss out!


Other releases


The album “Threads” pulls together the songs he has recorded over the last few years  and is in the process of writing his second album.

The EP “Haleshla” is a 3 track album of traditional Moroccan music (percussion and vocals) featuring Mouna Eddrou.

“Climate Carioca” is a samba inspired dance music track.

“Tabla solo for oriental/ belly dance” is a percussion track with versions of both wav and mp3 files.

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Studio and loops library














Combining both this wide range of influences and capacities in the recording studio, Simon has released a series of royalty-free percussion and drum loops.

There are some FREE SAMPLES AND LOOPS for download here.

Please feel free to listen and download.

Simon’s latest loops project “The Sharka Sessions” is a collection of drum and percussion loops. The loops were sampled straight from the tracks of the Chaka Chouka album “Sharka”.

They contain elements of reggae, Moroccan music, funk, rock and Simon’s unique palette of creative influences.

Here’s a quick taster:


Due to the size of the project, these loops are not yet on the site for download but if they interest you contact Simon directly and he can send through more examples and organise any eventual downloads.

He also has a recording studio in Meknès, Morocco, Tarboush Studios and is available for recording drums and percussion tracks as well as in-house recording projects.




Online teaching and lessons










Like a lot of musicians at the moment, Simon is offering online lessons for percussion. Although not ideal, Simon is able to use his many years of teaching experience to make these lessons work. Click here to contact Simon about the lessons even if it’s just out of curiosity!


Moroccan music, cookery courses and holidays




Music workshops in Meknès, Morocco

Like most aspects of Moroccan culture, the music reflects the eclectic mix of Berber, Middle Eastern, Saharan, West African and European influences.

As well as offering workshops and lessons on Moroccan rhythms, Simon can use his extensive network of contacts with Moroccan musicians to connect you with whatever style or instrument you want to study.

There is the possibility of in-house accommodation and full board as well as extended stays or just come for a lesson!

Cookery workshops in Meknès, Morocco

While running a successful guesthouse in Meknès for over 11 years, Mouna’s cooking and cookery courses consistently received rave reviews.

She combines the traditional Moroccan cooking she learnt from her mother with French and Indian influences to create her own original style.

Her courses include a wide range of recipes and techniques and an in-depth look at the wide variety of spices and herbs used in Moroccan dishes.

The possibilities and options for these courses are numerous so please contact Simon for details, even if just through curiosity!

Holidays in Morocco

Simon and Mouna run a traditional riad guest house in Meknès, Morocco and if you are interested in visiting Morocco, contact Simon through this website. Not only will he be able to offer great deals on staying in the riad but also help you organise your stay in Meknès and Morocco.


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For all enquiries please call: +33 (0)7 67 39 76 66


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