Percussion and drum loops

Looking for beats and sounds that are hard to find? Looking for inspiration when writing or producing? Or are you looking for beats that are subtle and lighter than typical drum kit grooves?

Percussion and drum loops Simon has developed several different packages of loops based around his extensive knowledge of percussion and drum kit rhythms.

Many “world music” beats are swung or interpreted differently to western rhythms. When combined with drum kit, they produce lively, organic beats and phrases with numerous possibilities due to their polyrhythmic structures.

Simon brings together his studio experience and years of studying and playing these rhythms to produce a unique blend of styles and variety of loops. He takes into account both the organic and fluctuating nature of percussion beats and makes them easy to use and effective in a modern studio context.

His percussion loops packages contain the following categories:

  • hand percussion (bongos, congas, djembe, funky cajon and timba)
  • small percussion (shakers, cowbells, claves, maracas, frame drums, hand claps…..)
  • percussion combinations (hand percussion + small percussion in both traditional and fusion combinations)


“Total Groove” drums and percussion loops project +songwriting tool.


Simon has also created his “Total Groove” project. This project contains ten fusion style drum kit and percussion grooves (Cairo funk, Funky rai, Gnaoua hip hop, Khaleegi funk, Latin funk, Merengue disco, Moroccan half time, North African funk, Rumba funk, Samba funk) and can used as both a resource for loops and also as a songwriting tool.

Each style contains drum kit grooves and stems, separate percussion parts and has been recorded in four different tempos. Because the percussion parts change slightly according to tempo, the fact that each groove is recorded at four different tempos allows accurate and flexible time stretching within projects.

The drum kit and percussion grooves have been carefully selected so that they work perfectly together and the versatile set-up allows quick and easy arranging within a project.

The fact that each Total Groove style can be imported as a block also makes it a quick and versatile song writing tool: import the stems as a block and then mute and solo according to needs.

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