About Simon


About Simon



Simon is a drummer, percussionist, guitarist, singer and songwriter.

His first musical experience was in the classical world where he played the violin and then the viola. At the age of 14 he discovered drums and rock n roll. Despite this he continued his studies in classical music until the age of 18.

Four years later Simon left to live in France where he discovered “world music” and hand percussion. A combination of several musical groups, musical theatre and percussion workshops for young audiences allowed Simon to become an “intermittent de spectacle”.

After training in music therapy at the A.M.Bx in Bordeaux and years of experience in percussion workshops, Simon wrote his teaching method “Hands on Drums”.

He continued to learning and playing hand percussion and studied mandingue, Cuban, Brazilian and oriental percussion. This period saw him start to mix drums and percussion and define his personal style.

With this project in place, Simon then left for England and London.

As a drummer and percussionist, Simon performed as a session musician in London, mainly on the “world music” scene. He has accompanied artists like Natacha Atlas, Yasmin Levy, Abdullah Chhadeh, Hassan Erraji and Haleshla (with Mouna Eddrou) as well as electronic fusion groups like Oojami and Momo from London.

With these artists, Simon has travelled all over the world and has had the chance to perform in some of the biggest festivals and venues in the world such as the “Sydney Opera House” and the “Royal Albert Hall”.

He also worked and performed in “show business” with numerous appearances on television and in major theatres and festivals in the UK.

Having already changed country several times, Simon then left for Morocco for a project in the tourist industry. He kept some of his contracts in London and regularly travelled back to the UK for performances.

It’s true to say that this change of country and even continent reduced the amount of international tours, but Simon took advantage of this to immerse himself in the mystical and Sufi styles of Morocco. He studied with master musicians, played in various musical groups and projects and continued to develop his sound by blending these experiences into his own personal style.

He also began to learn guitar and singing and moved into the world of composition and song writing. For the last few years, he has been writing and recording his own songs that are as eclectic as his musical influences. His songs are pop, rock and funk with a generous dose of his oriental and African influences.

He set up his own recording studio in Morocco and during the first lockdown of 2020 he wrote, recorded and produced the album “Sharka” with Haji Mike, Mouna Eddrou and Bernard O’neill. Recorded “remotely” on 3 different continents, the album is a reflection of many of Simon’s influences and is infused with the sound of his unique style. The album has enjoyed critical acclaim and is played on radio stations in Jamaica, England and France. Other studio credits include drums for “Dub Colossus” and the percussion for the new Syriana album “Ibn Battuta”.

Simon also maintains a large “library” of drums and percussion loops and samples. Some of these projects were recorded in his studio in Morocco, some in studios in England and his latest loops project has been to sample the drums and percussion of the entire “Sharka” album project.

This project, his other loops projects and his albums are available on his site.

For videos of Simon playing you can go to his Youtube channel.