Mouna Eddrou



Mouna Eddrou was born in Meknes, Morocco and grew up in France. She’s from a family of musicians who for generations have been involved in the traditional and mystical styles of music from that region. She learnt her drumming, repertoire and lyrics from her mother and uncles.

What does Mouna play?



Mouna Eddrou is an outstanding and versatile vocalist and percussionist. To watch her amazing performance of “Maleika”, click here.

She plays North African, Cuban and Brazilian percussion. If you watch her singing “Maleika” you’ll also see her play Senegalese “casse-casse”.

Mouna is also a highly accomplished teacher and teaches percussion workshops for children.

Her journey so far

Mouna studied at the “C.I.A.M.” music school in Bordeaux, France and was at the same time taught by and played with visiting musicians from Cuba and Brazil. She has also played with “Macunaima” one of France’s top samba schools with whom she played an active role in carnivals and stage performances.

When Mouna moved to London she was  a founding member of The Moroccan’Roll Convention, played extensively on the London scene with “Haleshla” and played and toured with artists such as Hassan Erraji from Morocco. When travelling in Cuba with Simon, she took lessons from Cuban singers. Fascinated by her African roots, the local Cuban musicians invited her to play gigs and festivals in Santiago de Cuba.

Click here to listen to her singing and drumming on the “Haleshla” EP (traditional Moroccan music).

Her latest projects

With Simon, Mouna performs regularly in France with their duo “Haleshla” and her reputation as a unique and powerful performer is growing.

She also sings on the new Syriana album “Syriana 1325” soon to be released by Realworld records and joins a star line-up of vocalists including Natacha Atlas.

She recently recorded on the Chaka Chouka album “Sharka” with Haji Mike, Bernard O’Neill and Simon. Her haunting, Sufi inspired lyrics perfectly compliment Haji Mike’s spoken word.

Mouna also runs a guest house in Morocco and courses based around Moroccan culture (music, dance and cookery). She also finds the time to teach and play music professionally!

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