Free loops and samples

Free percussion loops and samples


Free percussion and drum loops and samples

There are now some free percussion  and drum loops and samples available for download here. All my percussion and drum loops are designed to be used in music production projects. Myself and lots of musician colleagues are using them to write and produce tracks. So these are loops that are tried and tested!


My Youtube channel and building rhythm tracks

If you would like to see me playing some Moroccan rhythms on drums and percussion please click here to have a look and listen to my Youtube channel.

So I will soon be adding tutorials to my channel and website and some of them will be focusing on using loops and samples to build drum and percussion rhythm tracks. These tracks can be stand-alone tracks or be part of a music production. Getting drum kit and percussion to work together well is a skill. Hopefully I will be able to bring some insights in to how to make your rhythm tracks tight and dynamic.


New free loops and samples

I will be regularly adding free percussion and drum loops and samples to this page. Be sure to subscribe to the newsletter at the bottom of this page in order to receive notifications of new additions!


If you would like to hear the other loops available for download please click here.


My studio and recording percussion and drums

If you are interested in having me record bespoke percussion and drum tracks, please have a look at my studio page.

Contacting me about recordings involves no obligation on your behalf.  I am also more than happy to talk about budgets and making projects realisable.


I hope these free loops will be useful for you and I’m also delighted to hear any tracks they are used on so please get in contact!