Free percussion and drum loops




Here are some royalty-free percussion and drum loops loops that are FREE TO DOWNLOAD!

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Here are the free percussion and drum loops:


One drop drums, djembe and qraqeb


“Sharka” Eccodek remix 4 bar percussion loop


Moroccan funk: funky drums with qraqeb and shaker


One drop beat + percussion layers 6 bars: reggae drums and percussion combo


Funky cahon 86bpm: a slow and funky canon groove.


Tambourine off-beat 128bpm: a classic small percussion loop.


Slow bongo jam 105bpm: slow and funky bongos and small percussion.


Qraqeb/ karkabet: Moroccan percussion loop.


Darbouka 126bpm: Middle Eastern darbouka groove.


Congas 92bpm: Latin congas groove.


Congas FILL 92bpm: A fill for the above congas loop.


Bongos 110bpm: Latin bongos beat.


Djembe 126bpm: Medium tempo groove.


Timba 110bpm: Brazilian hand drum groove.


Timba FILL 138bpm: Brazilian hand drum fill.


Shaker 90bpm: Another classic small percussion loop.


Latin mix 105bpm: compact hand and small percussion groove.