Funky Bongos with “Now YOU Shred”.

Funky Bongos with “Now YOU Shred”





“Now YOU Shred” is a youtube site from the the fantastic guitarist and producer Renzo from Oakland California. He not only produces top quality and varied backing tracks but also gives very useful and down to earth tips for jamming and soloing. I highly recommend this site and as an intermediate guitarist, this site has really helped me improve my guitar playing. Recently, I was jamming along to the track “Magical Modern Psychedelic Funk Backing Track”. I noticed Renzo was thinking of putting some bongos on the track. So I contacted him and offered to record some funky bongos for it. He immediately agreed and you can now listen to and download the Funky Bongos with “Now YOU Shred” version of the track on his Bandcamp page here.



If you like his backing tracks, I would highly recommend supporting this musician on Bandcamp as his stuff is great and he generously makes a lot of it available on youtube for free.

If you’re interested in some funky percussion loops you can listen and download some here or go to my free samples page where there is a variety of percussion and drum loops free to to download.