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New Haleshla EP “Why Not?”



Haleshla have just released their second EP “Why Not”. The three tracks represent different aspects of their music.

“Ghzeyel Meyel” is an adaptation of a Gnaoua song from the traditional Moroccan repertoire. Mouna and Simon perform it with harmonized vocals, acoustic guitar, congas and bass drum, adding touches of English pop and Latin music to this bewitching traditional song.

“Moulay Ya Sali” is an adaptation of an Aissawa song from the traditional Moroccan repertoire. Mouna and Simon perform it with vocals, bendir, congas and bass drum, adding touches of Latin music to this traditional Sufi song from Meknes, Mouna’s hometown.

“Glad to be Back” is an original composition with music and lyrics written by Simon. Mouna and Simon perform it with vocals, acoustic guitar, congas and bass drum, adding touches of Latin and African music to this English pop song.


Official video “La illaha ila Allah”





Click to listen to excerpts from Haleshla’s first EP:





Haleshla (“why not” in Moroccan Arabic) is a duet with Mouna Eddrou and Simon Webster. With more than 20 years of career they have played in France, England, Morocco and Cuba.

Currently based in France, Haleshla perform regularly on stage and their growing reputation has seen them open for bands like “N3rdistan”.

Haleshla offers a unique interpretation of traditional Sufi music from Morocco. With a combination of North African and Latin percussion (and the bass drum!), two harmonized voices and the guitar, they have kept the driving power of Sufi music but with modern arrangements and production.

They perform traditional music styles (aissawa, gnaoua, m’helma, chaabi…) as well as African songs and original compositions.




Mouna Eddrou




Mouna was born in Morocco and raised in France. After living for a few years in England and then in Morocco, Mouna is back in France and continues on her musical and personal path.

She comes from a family of musicians strongly involved in the folk music of Meknes, Morocco for generations. She learned this Sufi music from her mother and uncles.

Versatile singer and percussionist, she studied at the music school “Le S.I.AM” in Bordeaux and studied singing in Cuba. Cuban musicians were so fascinated by her African roots and music that they invited Mouna and Simon to play several concerts and festivals during their stay in Santiago de Cuba.

She has also played on the “world music” scene in London for years with Haleshla but also internationally renowned artists such as Hassan Erraji and Boujemma Bouboul from Morocco and Momo (London).

With her captivating voice, she stars on several recent studio recordings including “Chaka Chouka” with Simon, Haji Mike and Bernard O’neill, “Sentient Machines” by Canadian composer Scott Archibald and “Syriana 1325” which will be released soon on Realworld Records and she shares the vocals with famous singers like Natacha Atlas.


Simon Webster









As a backing musician, Simon has played on the international world music scene with artists like Natacha Atlas, Yasmin Levy, Abdullah Chhadeh and Nara (Syria), Hassan Erraji (Morocco), Oojami (London) among others and has played on the some of the biggest music venues such as The Royal Albert Hall and The Sydney Opera House.

He has also played extensively on the London session scene in the studio and on stage with numerous appearances on UK television, festivals and concert halls.

Drummer, percussionist, singer songwriter and guitarist, Simon continues his career in France as a backing musician and an artist in his own right with his own songs.

His recent studio credits include Dub Colossus, Chaka Chouka (for which he composed the music), Canadian composer Scott Archibald, Haji Mike and “Syriana 1325” on which he plays all the percussion. Some of his loops were the basis of the compositions by Bernard O’neill and “Syriana 1325” will be released soon on Realworld Records.


To contact Simon about Haleshla, email him or call +33 (0)7 39 76 66.


Click here to see excerpts of Haleshla on stage.