Haleshla’s new video “La Illaha Ila Allah”

Haleshla’s new video “La Illaha Ila Allah”

Haleshla’s first official music video, filmed in Meknes, Morocco. “La illaha ila Allah” is a traditional Moroccan song from the Sufi repertoire. Mouna and Simon perform it in the Aissawa style from Meknès. The images were filmed at Riad Lahboul by Rabie Abdel and the exterior images of Meknès by Nico Piazza.



Nico Piazza is a long time friend and collaborator of Simon and Mouna’s dnthey first met in London over 20 years ago. A very talented and well-regarded film maker, Nico first shot these images in Meknès pre-covid when he came to film the recording of the new Syriana album “1325 Ibn Battutah” with Bernard O’neill and Simon and Mouna.

Simon and Mouna shot the riad images in August 2023 at Riad Lahboul in Meknès.

Haleshla’s new video La illaha Ila Allah is their first “official” music video and features Mouna’s haunting vocal introduction.

Haleshla offers a unique interpretation of traditional Sufi music from Morocco. With a combination of North African and Latin percussion (and the bass drum!), two harmonized voices and the guitar, they have kept the driving power of Sufi music but with modern arrangements and production.

They perform traditional music styles (aissawa, gnaoua, m’helma, chaabi…) as well as African songs and original compositions.


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