Latest News May 2022

Latest News May 2022



Latest News May 2022  is a quick post about Simon’s latest live and album projects.


Gigs and upcoming concerts


Simon played his first gig with the Gerry Carter and Friends band. The band play a mixture of traditional Irish music and Americana and Simon played drums and percussion. You can watch a clip on Simon’s Facebook page here or you can go to Gerry Carter’s page here.


Simon has a new project with the gnaoua musician Hamid Moumen and they will be playing the Orizons festival at the Sans Reserve in Périgueux, France on the 15th of June as the opening act for the band Sarãb.

Click here for the link to the gig.


“Ag-now” is a duo of guembri, drums and vocals. Inspired by the traditional repertoire of Moroccan gnaoua music, Ag-now revisits this repertoire with a new and powerful take on this traditional music.


Simon and Hamid will also be playing for the VIRUS theatre company on the occasion of “La fete de la musique” in St Astier, Dordogne. Watch this space for more news…….


Simon will also be appearing with the VIRUS company in their musical street theatre show “Le manège de Mr Gaillard”, a musical roundabout. They will be performing in the Dordogne area and Montpellier in the upcoming weeks. To visit their website click here.


Album credits Eccodek “Recalibrate”



Simon is delighted and honoured to appear on the award winning Canadian producer Andrew McPherson’s new Eccodek album “recalibrate”. Simon’s loops were a building block for the album’s creation as well as becoming a part of the grooves on 4 of the album tracks.

To listen to and purchase Simon’s loops click here. 

For some free percussion and drum kit loops and downloads click here.

To download this fantastic album, visit Eccodek’s Bandcamp page here.