News and reviews February 2021

Essaouira, Morocco


News and reviews for February 2021; well firstly, my very best wishes to everyone for 2021!

Enough said about that really except that if ever my music and projects around it bring someone a moment of pleasure and relief from everyday matters then it will make all the effort involved worth it.


Reviews page

I now have a reviews page on my website and you will be able to read reviews on my music and loops packages.

If you purchase anything on the site, you will be able to go to the reviews page and leave a review. For the sake of total transparency, I check reviews to make sure they are not spam or inappropriate in any way but apart from that I will publish all reviews even if they contain “negative” feedback. All feedback is useful and allows me to improve my products and website. I also like to contact all customers anyway and check they are happy with their purchases.



Yes, I’m now on twitter and you can find me at @simonwdrums



The tracks from my Threads album are now available for streaming on the Sonstream platform.

This is the only streaming platform my music is on and I chose to use Sonstream because and I quote, ” Sonstream is the only site in the world with a stream-for-stream model where artist earn money every time the track is played in the site. We believe in musicians being paid fairly for their work. Users pay pence for each and and not bogged down with Ads or Subscription. Pay as you play…”.

So that’s it for news and reviews for February 2012, so please feel free to reach out and contact me even if it’s just to chat.

Ps. the photo is of the amazing Essaouira in Morocco. One of my favourite places and I hope to be back there again soon!




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