News November 2021

Simon’s news November 2021


The first item in Simon’s news for November 2021 is that the Chaka Chouka project now has it’s own Youtube channel and you can check it out here.


There will be drum and percussion loops that Simon sampled directly from the master projects and video clips of the songs from the album.




You can also buy and download the album here.


Recording projects

Simon recently recorded some darbouka for the new Terry Pack album “Peter Peregrine”. To listen to Terry’s “Trees” project click here and watch this space for the Peter Peregrine album release.

Simon also plays percussion on the new “Syriana” album with Bernard O’neill and the sorely missed Nick Page. Again, watch this space for the release of this fantastic album and accompanying EPs. The project is inspired by the travels of the Moroccan explorer Ibn Battuta.

Ibn Battuta was a Muslim Moroccan scholar and explorer who travelled extensively in Afro-Eurasia, largely in the lands of Dar al-Islam, travelling more than any other explorer in pre-modern history, totalling around 117,000 km.

The first recordings on the album were made in Meknès, Morocco at Simon and Mouna’s riad and the story unfolded from there.


New group…..



This is an exciting new project featuring Hamid Moumen from Essaouira, Morocco, the virtuoso percussionist Bachir Mouhali, longtime friend and musical collaborator Jean-Philippe Lentignac and singer/ percussionist Mouna Eddrou.

The aim of the group is to combine Moroccan gnaoua music and funk for an exciting, groove-heavy feel.

The band plan to cover traditional material, adapt some of Simon’s tracks and also write completely new material.