Podcast with Baruch from Paradigms

Podcast with Baruch from Paradigms





Firstly, welcome to 2022 and I hope it will be a good year for us all. 2022 has started with a podcast with the fantastic Baruch from his Paradigms website. They talk life, drums and music. You can listen to the podcast and visit the Paradigms website here:




Other news

Simon continues with his musical projects in the South of France, including the duo Haleshla with Mouna Eddrou, a new gnaoua/ funk band, a percussion/ electro project with Bachir Mouhali , playing drums in a latin band “Indigo” and putting together an acoustic version of his “Threads” album with long-time friend and musical collaborator Uwe Lücking.


Recording projects

Simon recently recorded some darbouka for the new Terry Pack album “Peter Peregrine”. To listen to Terry’s “Trees” project click here and watch this space for the Peter Peregrine album release.

There will also be the release of the new Syriana album “1325”. The album is the baby of another long-time friend and musical collaborator Bernard O’neill and the sorely missed Nick “Dubulah” Page.

Recorded in Morocco, France, the UK and various other parts of the world, the album is a gathering of top world music artists and Simon is hugely proud to be part of it. Watch this space for news of the album release!

The first recordings on the album were made in Meknès, Morocco at Simon and Mouna’s riad and the story unfolded from there.


New group…..



This is an exciting new project featuring Hamid Moumen from Essaouira, Morocco, the percussionist Bachir Mouhali and singer/ percussionist Mouna Eddrou.

The aim of the group is to combine Moroccan gnaoua music and funk for an exciting, groove-heavy feel.

The band plan to cover traditional material, adapt some of Simon’s tracks and also write completely new material.