Download loops

Once you have made the (hopefully!) great decision to download one of the percussion and drums loops packages, you will be taken to Paypal for the payment process.

It’s important to state that you don’t need to have a Paypal account to continue with the purchase, you just need to click on the “guest” option. You then enter your credit/ debit card details as per usual and follow the steps on the easy process. You will then receive a download link to a compressed zip file of your purchased files.

Why use Paypal? As a client of similar websites himself, Simon included the Paypal process to give both himself and his clients some protection and guarantees around payments, satisfaction and protection of credit card details.

But please don’t be put off if you are not a Paypal customer, remember you don’t need to be one to purchase your download but you will benefit from the protection it offers.

The whole process is designed to be quick and easy and if you have any issues or questions, just contact Simon and he will get back to you asap. Enjoy your percussion and drums loops!

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