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All free drum and percussion loops

I downloaded all the free samples...they're of great quality and have inspired me to want to write some new tracks. Simon is very friendly and responds quickly with any questions. I recommend his samples.

Ali Roberts

Chaka Chouka album “Sharka”.

This new musical release straddles Reggae, Roots, Rhythm, Dub, Drums and World Music. It's a topper of an album and is well worth a listen. Simon Webster (Morocco) plays drums and percussion and Bernard O'neill (France) is on the Upright Bass. They form part of Chaka Chouka, alongside Haji Mike (Cyprus) and Mouna Eddrou (Morocco) on lead vocals.   The recording has a melodic vibe that lets the mind wander and meander along and paints very beautiful pictures if one closes their eyes. There is a rich layering of percussion and orchestration of the full gamut of instruments that can usually be heard in any classical dub reggae recording (think King Tubby). If the Straight No Chaser magazine was still around (which I dearly miss), this neat little collection of nuggets would most certainly appear in the reviews section. Which is praise indeed.

Alan Rutherford

Chaka Chouka “Sharka” album

What a wonderfully spiritual experience it is to allow yourself to be transported to the world of Chaka Chouka through the magical work of internationally renowned musicians, Simon Webster, Mouna Eddrou and Bernard O'Neill. On this occasion they have collaborated with the poet Haji Mike to create a socially relevant and contemporary album that so cleverly combines funk and reggae with hauntingly traditional Moroccan Sufi influences and the spoken word. A truly unique combination that engages the senses from start to finish, wraps its arms around you and leaves you feeling comforted and uplifted. What a joy.

Suzanne Hughes (UK)

“Threads” album

A brilliant and unique contemporary album from Simon Webster who not only wrote the songs but also plays most of the instruments and multi-lingual lead vocals. It showcases his diverse range of styles and cultural influences from a lifetime of musical experience and collaborations. To listen to this album is an uplifting experience and one that I can highly recommend. Very enjoyable.

Suzanne Hughes (UK)

Chaka Chouka Album “Sharka”

Reggae has been a musical force globally, and today it maintains its popularity in many corners of the world; it's as if the genre, which was developed in the Caribbean as part of the African diaspora and then later exported to the UK, has come full circle. Chaka Chouka’s album Sharka is a great example of this. While it maintains its reggae influences on the bottom half of the musical register, its textures and layering on top are what make the work stand on its own. … Continue reading

Scott Archibald

Darbouka Loops Package

Thank you very much for putting some light on the north African drums, i was looking since a long time for some Tunisian percussion samples, I’m glad I found this one because it’s very similar the Tunisian darbouka. Concerning the loops I purchased, I am having a lot of fun and I am totally satisfied with them. I would like to thank you again for your work and your effort for putting those gems for the public.

Mohamed Taieb Ben Haddej:

Various percussion packages

I've been using Simon's drum and percussion library for a couple years now and it's an invaluable resource to help bring authenticity and feel to any productions I'm working on. His knowledge of the traditions and subtle rhythms of the geographies he calls home is pure gold. Beautifully recorded and catalogued.

Andrew McPherson - (Eccodek) Canada

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