Tarboush Studios, Meknès, Morocco


Simon has a drum and percussion recording studio in Meknès, Morocco where he records, mixes and produces tracks. He works with musicians and producers from all over the world, recording drum kit and percussion tracks in his unique style.

T o have an idea of Simon’s way or using drum kit and percussion, either separately or combined, please click here to listen to demo tracks using his extensive loops category.

He also runs in-house projects where musicians come and stay in the fantastic riad guesthouse “Riad Lahboul” that is next door to the studio and record and write projects in Tarboush Studios.

Simon can record drums and percussion and can also bring in local musicians to record if desired.

Tarboush Studios consist of a drum kit and percussion recording space that doubles as a more intimate general recording space and a large live room.

Please contact him for more details.