Chaka Chouka album “Sharka”.

This new musical release straddles Reggae, Roots, Rhythm, Dub, Drums and World Music. It’s a topper of an album and is well worth a listen. Simon Webster (Morocco) plays drums and percussion and Bernard O’neill (France) is on the Upright Bass. They form part of Chaka Chouka, alongside Haji Mike (Cyprus) and Mouna Eddrou (Morocco) on lead vocals.


The recording has a melodic vibe that lets the mind wander and meander along and paints very beautiful pictures if one closes their eyes. There is a rich layering of percussion and orchestration of the full gamut of instruments that can usually be heard in any classical dub reggae recording (think King Tubby). If the Straight No Chaser magazine was still around (which I dearly miss), this neat little collection of nuggets would most certainly appear in the reviews section. Which is praise indeed.