Chaka Chouka Album “Sharka”

Reggae has been a musical force globally, and today it maintains its popularity in many corners of the world; it’s as if the genre, which was developed in the Caribbean as part of the African diaspora and then later exported to the UK, has come full circle.
Chaka Chouka’s album Sharka is a great example of this. While it maintains its reggae influences on the bottom half of the musical register, its textures and layering on top are what make the work stand on its own.
The band, consisting of four members from different parts of globe, combines down-tempo reggae and dub rhythms in the bass and drums; a polyrhythmic blend of Latin and Moroccan percussion, melodica, guitars and organ; Mouna Eddrou’s ethereal Middle Eastern vocals; and Haji Mike’s politically-driven spoken word. This mixture pushes the music into its own category, and makes for a compelling experience; the group’s work is powerful both musically and as storytelling.
I highly recommend this album to any listener who is looking for something fresh, unique and cross-cultural.