Youtube channel


Youtube channel

Simon has re-done his Youtube channel. You can visit it by clicking here.


The content

On his channel you will find the following videos.


Moroccan beats on Latin drums.


This is a rehearsal from Morocco in the guesthouse Riad Lahboul.





This rehearsal was part of a project of applying Moroccan rhythms to Latin percussion instruments. The project was called “Haleshla” which means “why not” in Arabic. Although it was filmed a few years ago, this project continues to exist as an on-going, evolving project. You can listen to and download the Haleshla EP here.




Simon’s Conga solo.




This is a….conga solo. Again, recorded a few years ago this video features Moroccan, Middle Eastern and Latin rhythms. To listen to and download some conga loops go to Simon’s loops page here.

You will find all of Simon’s loops packages including congas, bongos, darbouka, timba, percussion combinations, small percussion, djembe and funky cahon.




Moroccan rhythms on drum kit


This video is part 1 of a series of videos in the making. This is a teaching video designed to showcase the complex but superb 6/8 and 12/8 rhythms found in Morocco and North Africa. As explained in the video, these rhythms are not what they seem to be and so the video repeats itself a second time but this time with a metronome “click track”. Have a look and all will become clear!





Mouna Eddrou sings “Maleika”



This video has already been the subject of a blog post that you can read here.

The video was recorded in Riad Lahboul, Meknès, Morocco. It features Mouna interpreting the song Maleika, made famous by Miriam Makeba. It also features her amazing way of playing the Senegalese “casse-casse” instruments and is well worth a watch.


What else is on the Youtube channel?

You will also find videos of Simon’s songs and rhythm tracks. You can listen to all of Simon’s songs here. His rhythm tracks feature all over his site and most of them are free to download!


And finally…

If you have the time to check out Simon’s Youtube channel, please do. Clicking on the “subscribe” button is a great way to support independent artists.

In any case, enjoy the videos and the music!


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